Anonymous asked:

16 & 26 :)

pythosart answered:

16. What are their best school subjects? What are their worst? List five of each.

English, Biology, Computer Science, Robotic Engineering, and Ancient History are her best subjects. Her furtherances are in Biotechnology, Robotics, and Genetics, but she has always had a fascination and passion for fiction. Poetry, ballads, and mythology being her favorites.

Her worst subjects are Mathematics and State History, both because she doesn’t care enough to pay attention. She can do the math to create and calibrate a delicate piece of robotics, but she couldn’t show her work on even quite basic trigonometry. She figures that’s what computers are for.

She mostly skipped State History.

26. How does your character prepare for bed? Do they sleep at all or can they stay awake for days on end without trouble?

Frances doesn’t have much of a before bed ritual. She tends to work until she crashes, and often does so in her workshop unless Req puts her foot down and drags her to bed. She generally sleeps in just her panties, not bothering to put on any sort of sleepwear.

She probably could go for days without sleep, but prefers not to. And it certainly wouldn’t end well.

plaidyart asked:

15 and 29 for Frances?

pythosart answered:

15. Can they multi-task or must they focus on one subject at a time?

Not very effectively. Frances is a fairly straightforward person and will do one thing to completion before starting a new task. (which makes her the exact opposite of me, ha ha…)

29. Does your character get restless when things are too quiet or do they favour solitude and silence? Why?

Anyone who was around in the early days of the server will know just how much Frances values silence and accessible solitude. Egg knows this better than most, having been on the receiving end of Frances’s wrath when her safe place in the Twilight Forest was disrupted.

She does enjoy some excitement and getting into trouble, but only so much. Frances really is an intensely introverted individual who just has a lot of practice hiding it.

jakkuebansu asked:

1, 4, 5? :3

pythosart answered:

1. What position does your character sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. ) Describe why they do this — optional.

Frances tends to sleep on her stomach, spread out like the big loaf she is. It would be fitting if she snored, but unfortunately (fortunately) she doesn’t.

4. Do they have any verbal tics? Do they have trouble pronouncing certain words or getting their thoughts across clearly?

While intelligent (and somewhat dangerously cunning), Frances is a relatively slow, logical thinker. She will often pause or trail off in speech, and tends to “hmm” a lot, collecting her thoughts.

She often tends to show displeasure with an incredulous “Excuse me?”

5. What are their chief tension areas?

(not entirely sure what this means but I’ll go with my interpretation and hope for the best)

Frances is really a fairly laid back person in general, and not easy to provoke with words alone. Outwardly, at least.

She is quite self-conscious of past failures, and of the fact that her status as an “abomination” is entirely her own fault. A_J knows this and takes advantage of it. Less known, and never mentioned, her status as a Citizen- among a large number of Wards and Assets of the State-is not something she is terribly proud of. It’s a dangerous status to have, and while she has never pulled rank on A_J, she’s afraid of doing so.

Possibly part of why she prefers to remain second in command

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Just a refresher on server rules

1. If you plan on hurting another character badly, especially in a way that may alter their appearance/ability to function, you MUST consult them beforehand. This goes along with not causing significant damage to builds.

2. If you plan on roleplaying something that may disturb other players, you MUST warn beforehand, and make sure it is cleared with all parties involved. This generally includes surgical themes, torture, injuries, severe illness, or anything you feel might be distressing to those spectating.

If you are in chat and bothered by the content of the rp, PLEASE message an admin! We can call a pause at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.