Crash fix: Crossbow workbench

IF YOU USE THE CROSSBOW MOD, THIS MIGHT HAPPEN. It’s a super easy fix, though, so I’ll walk you through it here. I recommend doing this now, if you do plan on using crossbows at some point. It doesn’t seem to happen if you just USE a crossbow or the crossbow bench, but making one (and thus getting the achievement) will cause this crash the next time you start up.

Apparently, the achievement ID for making a crossbow workbench conflicts with the achievement ID for the Tinker Table. I’m not sure why an achievement would cause my game to crash on startup, but there you go. Coding is a delicate thing.


In your “attack-of-the-ajco-team” folder, go into your “config” folder and find “CrossbowMod2.cfg”. Open this with TextEdit or what ever your equivalent plaintext reader is.

You should see:


# achievements

achievements {
    I:”Achievement Base”=984


Change the value from 984 to 1000. Save the file. Close it.

Run your game.

If this doesn’t work, please let me know!

Server open!

The address is

Remember, in rp we have just moved to the adjacent continent. This is NOT a completely new world.

We will be playing survival for a while, and builds will be moved over once everyone has found a place to settle. Don’t worry about your supplies yet.

Well, I have some good news and some bad news

Good news, we got WorldEdit working! So I can now (attempt to) grab anything last minute from the old server. Message me for requests.

Bad news; we’re not opening today due to AJ being unavailable. We can’t really kick off a new world without her, can we now?

Anyway, there you go. If you need anything last minute from the old server, you better get on now. It won’t be open after tomorrow

The new server will open tomorrow

We’ve been struggling with WorldEdit and are working alongside Support to try and get it functioning. If we can’t have it running by tomorrow, we will open anyway.

I have a feeling some of you will want time to explore and build before rp starts again, anyway.

Thank you all for your patience!

PS: Please report any trouble with the modpack to me. I would like to help everyone get it running.

Attack of the AJCO Team

Okay, so for some reason the launcher is refusing to download the pack from the site, so this will require a slightly more manual approach if yours doesn’t want to cooperate.

First of all, download links:

Technic Launcher

Pack Platform

Pack Files


  1. Download the Technic Launcher
  2. Open the Pack Platform link and copy the Platform URL (under the logo)
  3. Open the Technic Launcher
  4. Click Add New Pack
  5. Paste the URL and click Add Modpack
  6. Try clicking PLAY


(This is just a simple swap out of the pack folder with the one that actually has files in it)

Mac instructions because I don’t know where this is on PC. Should be in %appdata% and the file structure is otherwise the same.

  1. Open Finder
  2. On the top bar, click “Go”
  3. Hold alt/option and click the “Library” option that appears
  4. Open Application Support
  5. Open technic
  6. Open modpacks
  7. Hit Command+N or File->New Finder Window
  8. Find the file you downloaded from the link above. Should be
  9. Unzip the file
  10. Select all of the files in the folder
  11. Right click, “Copy 17 Items”
  12. Right click on the attack-of-the-ajco-team folder
  13. "Paste 17 Items"
  14. Click “Replace All”
  15. Run the pack (if it asks you to update, click “No”. If it doesn’t ask, you’re good to go)

If anyone has Mac troubles with this pack, let me know. I know my way around Mac minecraft pretty well and I can help troubleshoot. Message me on Skype if you need help